EKV product range

Flexible copper connections

laminated copper bars, braided connections, earthing straps and so on

32 pages, approx. 1,2 MB

Wiring duct and DIN Rails

Our catalogue for cable trunking, DIN rails , cutting tools and accessories.

24 pages, approx. 3.9 MB


Insulators and earthing bars

4 pages, approx. 2,2 MB


TS35 and c-profile with length 2m and accessories

4 pages, approx. 2 MB

Product Portfolio EKV GmbH

Have a look at our product range.

2 pages, approx. 400 KB

Strap clip

Strap clips and din rails

2 pages, approx. 2 MB

ALFRA – product range

ALFRA Catalogue

Punching and cutting tools.

80 pages, approx. 15 MB

EKV rails – cutting machine

Flyer rails – cutting machine


1 page, approx. 145 KB

Flyer rails – cutting machine


1 page, approx. 145 KB

EKV – General Informations

Request Form Earthing Strap

grounding tapes / earthing strap

1 page, approx. 50 KB

Request Form Braided Shunt

Solderless pressed tube

1 page, approx. 55 KB

ISO9001:2015 certificate

Since 11.04.2017 we are certificated according ISO9001:2015.

1 Seite, ca. 285 KB

General Conditions

for the Supply of Products and Services of the Electrical and Electronics lndustry

4 pages, approx. 1MB

Data protection


6 pages, approx. 67 KB