Laminated bus bars / flexible bars

Laminated bus bars will be used as a flexible alternative to copper bars and to cables. The advantage in using this laminated bus bars is the flexible handling and the space savings. These flexible bars could bend to shape even with big cross sections very easily and guaranty therefore a big saving in operation time and money in comparison to the handling with copper bars.

These flexible bars will be supplied in length of 2 meter with many possible different cross sections up to 1200².
Construction of the laminated bus bar is:

Different widths – different numbers of layers with 1,0mm thickness – insulation

Technical characteristics

Operating temperature-40° bis +105°C
Operating voltage1000V
Dielectric strength20Kv/mm
Self-extinguishing materialUL94V0
noticeThis is the same type on insulation which will be used at laminated copper bars

In case that you need the bars in pre-fabricated mounting structure we are able to offer you this too.
Bending, twist, drilling, length and stripped insulation according your drawing.

More information’s are available inside our catalogue in the download area below.

Downloads – Laminated bus bars