Earth strap

This ground straps are manufactured from highly flexible tapes, which are braided from annealed Cu-ETP1 (red or tinned) wires. Our standard contact area is a solderless pressed seamless Cu ETP tube. The braided tapes and the tubes are of same analysis and conductivity. No additives are used at the process of pressing the contact areas. Second solution is: contact areas, which are pressed to shape after solidified by immersing into alloyed lead-free solder.

Beside the items which we show inside our catalogue we have variations of this (length, holes diameter, width, position of the hole) and customized solutions which are produced according your drawing.

The braid could be manufactured with different thickness of the single wires (0,07/0,10/0,20mm) tined or bare copper. We also produce this earth straps in aluminum or stainless steel.
We hold a big range of this items in our stock. For example, tinned material in cross section 10²/16²/25² with length 200/250/300/400mm we have thousands available. If you need other dimensions and cross sections we could stock it for you to reduce deliver times.

Solutions with insulation in different materials are possible too.

Please take a look at our request form which you could find in the download area below.

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