Flexible copper connections

We could offer our customers a comprehensive range of products for power transmission.

In this field you find grounding strips with small cross sections 1² and also bigger sections for braided shunts up to 5000mm².

We produce the flexible copper connections n different methods. Because of this we could offer our customer different solutions which are perfect for their needs and applications for the power transmission.

If you can’t find the right solution in our catalogue, we could make a variation of this item or we manufacture according your drawing.

If you need any guidance or support to find the right solution for your task / design please contact us.

We differ our flexible connections in the following sectors. Detailed information’s about each single product division’s you could find on the corresponding pages on our homepage.

  • Earthing straps
  • Flexible expansion connectors
  • Braided shunts with and without insulation
  • Braided copper strips and twisted cables
  • Laminated bus bars

Overview Flexible copper connections


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